The Deaf Bunnys Band will return their roots!

The Music:

The Eighties music scene exploded with music! From Punk to Pop, Ska to Hair Metal, artists explored the boundaries of fun, upbeat music and the Deaf Bunnys will do their best to bring all to you in a style that'll get you tapping your toe and singing out loud!

Acoustic vs. Electric:

The Deaf Bunnys will hit you with some of your old favorites in a new way! While many of the songs of the Eighties were over produced, the underlying grooves are just plain solid! For several surprising selections The Deaf Bunnys will strip away the gloss and deliver the ROCK on just acoustic instruments!

The Venue:

Blueprint Brewing Co. is a fun, family friendly environment to enjoy great beer and great music! Check the schedule for food purchasable at the show on the Blueprint website. You can also BYOF. Also, Blueprint has very good selection of house wines.

As the first venue to take a chance on the newest iteration of the Deaf Bunnys Band, Pete and Sheri would again like say thank you to Kyle, Corey, Jason, and of course Cassandra!

This will be NO BREAKS show with 100% Live Music from 7 to 10!


GoogleMaps link below. Look for the white and black Deaf Bunnys head signs on Detwiler.

Blueprint hop-logo.png

267.333.6048 Pete's cell

267.333.9214 Sheri's cell

The Deaf Bunnys Band is based in Harleysville, PA

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