The Deaf Bunnys Band will pay tribute to one of their favorite artists!

The Fine Print:

Unfortunately we can't just come out an tell you about this show, so here's some hints:

You can't fight City Hall when it comes to to some artists: They'll always win. But even if your seat is crumbling you can still still come rumbling down so you're not lonely all night.

Everybody needs love that drives them crazy so come down even it it's raining and you're scared to check it over. We'll be rocking Cresaptown, Maryland, heck maybe even the whole USA!

So get a limb up from your pink or whatever colored house you live in and check it over. You won't need fire and the only paper you'll need is cash. (Credit cards work just as well though!)

Although the Deaf Bunnys are small, just like the town they live in, they'll blow the roof off like a club full of M-80's and they won't be done until the night is over!

(If you still don't get it, you're either a cougar or a melon encamped in a sea of our cleverness...)

PLEASE support the great artists who created the music you've heard live by any cover band! Their original music is readily available for download and stream through all your favorite outlets!

The Venue:

Enjoy great food, drink and company in an authentic English Pub! Serving traditional English fare as well as American favorites, with a full bar.


GoogleMaps link below. We'll try to put up a sign but The Churchill is very easy to find!

Churchill outside.jpg

267.333.6048 Pete's cell

267.333.9214 Sheri's cell

The Deaf Bunnys Band is based in Harleysville, PA

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