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Two-TWO-TWO! ways to rock!

The Music:

Never ones to stand still, the Deaf Bunnys Band explores ALL the rock from Seventies Classic Rock to Today's Rock Hits!

ROCK ISN'T DEAD!! Today's rockers still bring the juice just like their idols in the before time!

Not all modern music is pineapple-ham pizza: Let the Deaf Bunnys show you good rock is still being created as we speak!

Special Guests: TBD

Join the Deaf Bunnys on stage! Interested in getting in to the limelight or just need some stage or mic time? Reach out! We'd love to hear from you!


Some Classic-v-Modern shows will be a split bill,

but we still need set-breaks for those that aren't!

Help us keep the show rocking with your take on iconic

material from the Seventies to Today during our set-breaks

perForming for a fun, friendly, supportive crowd!

PLEASE support the great artists who created the music you've heard live by any cover band! Their original music is readily available for download and stream through all your favorite outlets!