rock is dead! long live rock!

The Deaf Bunnys bring all the thundering durms, rumbling bass, shrieking guitars, and...uh... shrieking vocals to you in our usual upbeat show!

sing, clap, and dance along with us and like minded rock-&-rollers of all ages!

You bring the swagger, we'll bring the tunes! ROKKON!

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Why sit home when you can be out having fun?

I've got a better groove!


Brown Eyed Girl (which we play at LITERALLY every show...) (You must have been in the can...)


Sing along with Sheri!


Against the Wind: "Against the wind" call & response in outro

Ballroom Blitz: "Blitz blitz, a ballroom blitz" in intro & outro


Born To Run: "Oh-Oh!" in chorus

Bowie: You know you know all the words! Just sing along!

Refugee: "You don't have to live like a refuguee" call & response in chorus

Since You've Been Gone: "Since you've been gone" in chorus

LONG LIVE ROCK: "Long live rock" in bridge

267.333.6048 Pete's cell

267.333.9214 Sheri's cell

The Deaf Bunnys Band is based in Harleysville, PA

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