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The Deaf Bunnys Band is committed to delivering great

Rock and Roll Hits

from the Fifties era to the new music of Today!

We are dedicated to keeping our shows Audience Accessible for all patrons while

providing entertainment that engages an audience to


We strive to be more than just a band

by aligning our business goals of

Longevity, Repeat Business,and Maximizing Every Opportunity

with those of our host venues.

* Please do not share this page.*

Our approach is our edge and we ask you to respect that.

If you think an act could use some help along these lines please contact us, we do consulting/help other band.

Business Proposition: Dare to Compare

Our Mission Statement explained:

A successful band is a business, so we treat it like one!

We're smart, driven people in our day jobs and that carries over to the Deaf Bunnys Band.

A successful show can be analyzed and quantified if you take the time to figure it out, and we think we have! Here's how:

Choose great music!

There are literally thousands of great, upbeat, fun rock and pop hits to choose from that patrons know and like! These songs are hits for a reason!

Alway Audience Appropriate? So what?

People come out to be entertained! They don't want to be cursed at, preached at, or made fun of.

So no agendas, no angry music, no political BS... Just a rockin' good time!

More than "Just a band?" Absolutely! We're in this too!

The business goals in our Mission Statement aren't just fluff:

1) We want to be around for ANOTHER 10 years (or more!), (Longevity)

2) We want to build a following in YOUR area at YOUR venue, (Repeat Business)

3) And we want to be a BIG draw for every single show! (Maximize Opportunities)

And we put our money where our mouth is!

The Deaf Bunnys Band spends 10% of our fees on DIRECT marketing for each booking!

We put that money into point-of-sale material and online advertising (Pete's day job)


Success Factors: How we're different!

A.K.A. "How to be a draw!"

Are two people a band?

We made a business decision 10 years ago to keep the band as small as possible:

1) It makes us more agile for generating material,

2) We can implement decisions faster with fewer members to on-board, and

3) We are committed to right-sizing to deliver a great show!

It hasn't always been two people but two is the "right size" at this time.

Is it REALLY live?


1) We use a boatload of effects on our guitars, basses, and voices,

2) We are masterful loop builders without adding to the length of a song,

3) And we employ a great new durmming technology to replace the time-keeping

function in a band! It is us playing the drums!

We truly feel that using backing tracks just doesn't allow for the "lightning in a bottle" moments that make live music so awesome!

Why spend band money on advertising?

We really, really want every Deaf Bunnys show at your venue to be a "sold out" draw!

Advertising addresses the old saying "You don't know what you don't know:"

Simply put, we TELL them so they KNOW! And come out!

This sounds expensive...

Our rates are no more than the next act with a similar draw:

We just have a different approach.

CLICK HERE to see our current rate schedule, staging requirements, and other

show and marketing details.

What are the "tours" on the Deaf Bunnys calendar?

A tour is a themed show that runs for 13 weeks in as mutually exclusive markets as we can define.

Why are the tours themed?

It allows​ us to present something new on a regular basis.

Themed shows are also easier for patrons to get into.

What are "mutually exclusive markets?"

We try to keep the venues at which we play far enough apart to avoid cannibalizing our fans (or yours!) from one venue to another.


There's lots more details about the nuts and bolts but take a sec to check out a video or two that seems to suit the mojo of your venue, then:


We've already scouted you and now you've scouted us!

Email, text, fill out the form, heck even use that thing to make a call and we'll come running!

Our open bookings are on the live-from-our-phones calendar below.

THANK YOU for your time and consideration!

We've got more to say at the bottom of this page about the nuts and bolts if you are interested.

How do just two people sound so great? Or

What's so great about technology?

Technology allows just two people to present a great, full sound is key to the power-trio mojo the Deaf Bunnys strive for.

Power-trios are the sound you think of when you think of upbeat, fun rock and roll!

The power of arranging!

Power-trios are the sound you think of when you think of upbeat, fun rock and roll!

Why no t-shirts or jeans?

Folks come out to see a show as well as dance and sing, they want to be entertained! So why not take a few minutes to look good!?!

(It's also the reason we've spent time on the lights, the banner...)

Why is it important to start on time?

With today's media-on-demand availability folks that make the effort to actually leave their house d​o so for a reason. If they're coming out to see a show: Give 'em what they want!

Why keep the breaks so short?

The simple answer is: That's when people leave. If you can keep your audience entertained they're more likely to stay for one more drink or nibble.

What are the "No Breaks! No Time To Pee" shows?

Whenever we can, we open the set-breaks to talent that maybe doesn't have a full show of material, needs some stage-time... Could be someone we know or someone you know that we'll vet.


Canned music, TV... are all things the patrons can get at home.

How do you keep regulars and casual business in the house longer?

By keeping the song choices accessible and engaging.

These folks usually come in early for dinner and will stay to "see if the band's any good."

They're also usually a little older so we can play the Oldies we love and still keep the audience engaged!

Are Special Guests really that important?

A) It's a great change-of-pace.

B) Audiences LOVE to see a "normal" person rock out.

C) As a bonus, the guests usually bring a few friends to see them perform! A win-win!

Press clippings


Audience interaction

Play what the audience wants, not what the band wants

Stage Plot


To be a successful entertainer you have to take your art and your entertainment value seriously: If performances are fun for the audience, they will be rewarding for the performers.

Our GOAL is to play out as often as we can and still be a draw.

We make every Deaf Bunnys show an event by keeping it fresh and new so that our fans come back to so see us wherever we play.

We'll bring them to your venue giving you the chance to make them your fans too


How long to read business proposition

Videos are live

A lot of information but we want to make a DIFFERENCE in the success of your business

Booking contact at the bottom (or reply to email)

WarRoom (or "The Battle Of the Couch"


A view into the past past past...

~ These videos are recorded LIVE by the mics in the cameras! ~

This IS what we sound like live!

We've done some editing to change camera angles but no audio trickery!


Buddy Holly cover

The Deaf Bunnys make no secret that in their opinion without Buddy Holly there is no rock & roll as we know it, and "Peggy Sue" is  a great place to start!

"Get A Leg Up"

John Cougar cover

Simple, fun rock-driven songs like "Get A Leg Up" are the mainstays of Deaf Bunnys shows. As our formative years were in the Eighties, he'll always be John "Cougar" to us!

"Little Talks"

Of Monsters & Men cover

This is a great video that shows how a song an audience may not be familiar with can still be highly engaging! And our guests, Michelle and Chris, did a great job! Oh yeah, this was only the second take!

"Just Turn Around"

Deaf Bunnys Band original

We've started writing our own music! These songs have been well received every time we've performed them. Whew!

(PS: Rokkon Emily!)


It's alway fun and always new!


Chuck Berry

Big Bopper

Chubby Checker


Sam Cooke

Buddy Holly

Roy Orbison

Del Shannon


Robert Cray

Wilson Pickett

Otis Redding

Sam & Dave

Bob Seger

Spencer Davis Group

Steve Winwood

Young Rascals


Atlanta Rhythm Section

Neil Diamond


Grand Funk Railroad

Tommy James

Dusty Springfield

T. Rex

Van Morrison



Elvis Costello


Billy Idol

The Police


Talking Heads




David Bowie

John Cougar



Tom Petty

Bruce Springsteen

The Who



Guns 'N Roses

Judas Priest


Motley Crue


Skid Row

Van Halen


Fall Out Boy


Green Day

Bruno Mars



Panic At the Disco

White Stripes


Trace Adkins

Jason Aldean

Brooks & Dunn

Chris Cagle

Kid Rock

Thin Lizzy

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Darius Rucker


Who we are and how we got HERE!

Pete PAZnokas

Vocals, Guitar, Drums

Starting as a cantor and organist as a MUCH younger person, Pete has turned to rock at this later stage in his life.

He finds having a day job as a computer software demo person prepared him perfectly for his role as front man for the Deaf Bunnys Band: If you can make computer software interesting, holding a rock audience is a piece of cake!

Sheri Paznokas

Vocals, Bass, Drums

Early training on the violin and piano provided a solid musical grounding for the simpler drive of rock and roll.

Bringing her talents as a physical therapy aide extraordinaire to the Deaf Bunnys Band makes Sheri confident in drawing people out of their shells to share in the fun! Her open, upbeat, fun personality really shines through during a show!

Booking Contact
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