Meet the New Rock! Same As the Old Rock!


The names may change but the spirit of rock has lived and breathed in every generation from Buddy Holly to... well, the Deaf Bunnys!

Our Modern Rock shows focus on great rock & roll songs released in a alternative rock world.

Throw in some great pop rock and come out and sing and dance the night away!

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Please support the great artists who created the music you've heard live by any cover band! Their original music is readily available for download and stream through all your favorite outlets!


Sing along with Sheri!


Fight For Your Right: "You gotta fight, for your right to par-tay" in chorus

Locked Out Of Heaven: "Cause you make me feel like
I’ve been locked out of heaven, for too long"

In chorus


Price Tag: "It's not about the money - money - money..."

You'll learn the whole chorus the time you hear it!

Pumped Up Kicks: All the other kids with the pumped up kicks" in chorus & outro


Song Two: "WHOO-HOO!!" times 4 in choruses

Stacy's Mom: "Stacy's mom has got it goin' on" in intro & interludes

Where Are We Running: "Where are we runnin', Oo-we-oo-we-oo" in chorus

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The Deaf Bunnys Band is based in Harleysville, PA

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