Open Rehearsal Guidelines

(How To Cut Through the Noise)

(Also, so you know what you're getting yourself into!)

Before deciding to take advantage of an Open Rehearsal please be sure to review the following:

1) Are you willing to learn? The learning curve is steep but not difficult. You'll learn a TON the first session!

2) Are you okay with the concept of "rewarding" versus "fun?" A water slide is fun, climbing a mountain is rewarding.

3) Are you willing to share the stage at the next Deaf Bunnys show? That's what this is all about.

4) Do you have at least one black-on-black outfit? If not, you should probably stick to karaoke.

Equipment you won't need.

(So don't bother bringing it into the house.)

1) Amps: The Deaf Bunnys run emulation and you should too! If you don't know why just ask, you'll never go back!

2) Cable runs from your equipment to the desk: You'll be plug-and-play on show day so practice that in rehearsal.

3) Mics (see "Mics" below), mic stands, mic clips, music stands, tablet holders, cup holders, pick holders, stools.

4) Water.

5) NO TAMBOURINES!! You probably don't know how to actually play it anyway. No really, you probably don't.

Durmmers only need bring themselves.

1) We've got a couple of sizes of sticks so don't bother bringing your gnarly eaten-up ones, they damage the rubber on the electronic kit.

2) We've got three styles of metronomes you'll be using to keep in time. If you haven't used one before download a free one for your phone and get familiar before the rehearsal.

Equipment you will need.

(Use this as rehearsal to get your schtuff down to the smallest footprint you can. Open mic hosts will thank you!)

1) Your instrument, the cable that plugs into it, and any effects pedals you plan to use.

2) Your tablet for the charts. Yes, you will be using charts.

3) Your significant other: It's always nice to have support and an audience doesn't hurt.

4) Special Drink (we'll post our formula), beer (if you drink it, bring your own.)


Your mic is like your instrument: It's the first link in your tone chain.

If you have a mic you like bring it! If not we've got excellent mics for you.

Before contacting for booking an open rehearsal:

1) Have your numbers picked out: Don't forget which version (IE: original artist or cover), key if you know it, tempo compared to the version you're trying to cover, etc.

2) Figure out how you're going to deliver the song:

Rehearsal is about getting tight with other musicians.

Learning the music is called practice and is done on your own.

3) Shoot some video (just from your phone will do) of your ideas, tone, etc. so we can see how to fit you're already doing into the Deaf Bunnys mojo.

*) Don't forget to send all this to us as soon as you can! Work-ups take time!

Every Open Rehearsal should be approached the same way:

1Be on time! Which is to say early: It takes time for you to unpack, setup...

Rehearsal starts at the booked time: Respect everyone else's time and any bandmate will love you!

2) Respect the equipment: None of this schtuff is cheap, ya break it ya bought it.

3) Give and take criticism:

Don't assume anybody in the room has all the answers, they don't. Share your viewpoint.

Listen and learn from the other musicians, especially the Deaf Bunnys: They've been using this rig and supporting other musicians for a long time!

4) Have some method of note-taking! It'll come at you fast and furious so be prepared to review the changes later under less pressure.


1) Choose upbeat, fun songs! No art, no jazz, no blues! 135bpm is the sweet-spot!

2) Focus on material not on the DBB playlists but seems like a fit: Your numbers should be all about you!

3) Lots of material is special to the Deaf Bunnys...

For example: We do Brown Eyed Girl cause Sheri has brown eyes. Likewise, Pretty Woman has a guitar/bass call-and-response that is cool to us.

4) But lots of material isn't: Like Mustang Sally and a ton of other classics.

There's lots of purple Guest numbers you'll see on our tablets for you to pick from.

5) Figure about 15 minutes per song: That's 3 takes with a bit of time for discussion. So pick more than one number to work on.

Be generous!

This isn't really a problem for the Deaf Bunnys (it's a home-game for us!)

These Open Rehearsals give you a chance to practice the art of supporting the other players.

Pete and Sheri (together and separately) have been asked to join too many groups to mention for two reasons:

1) They ALWAYS focus on making the mix sound great!

2) And doing their best to make the other musicians sound great!

Most folks have no idea why the cuts sound better with us playing:

We hear a lot of comments like "it's undefinable." It isn't: Play in the pocket out of everyone else's way.

There, you're a better player!

Support the Vocalist!

That's who the audience identifies with!

When it comes to the limelight, the rest of us catch as catch can.

Don't like it? Sing the lead! It's probably not as hard you think it is!

Enjoy the process!

Getting a super tight mix is one of the most rewarding experiences of your musical life!

Still in?

That's a lot of info, isn't it!?!

The Deaf Bunnys try to cut through the noise and get to the music.

So, still in?

Call or email! We'd love to share your talent with our fans!

Open Rehearsal Calendar

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