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YOU can cook, and more importantly eat, gourmet!

What if preparing a great gourmet meal was as easy as following directions to put up a swing set or assemble flat pack furniture?

It could be!

Just like the swing set and the flat pack, cooking is easier or harder depending on your experience. The good news is that the more you cook gourmet, the easier it will become and the better it will taste. Just like if you assembled swing sets and flat packs every weekend!

Start by following a fool proof recipe!

You've got to start somewhere! These recipes are designed to create a great dish just by following the directions as closely as you can. Just like a swing set, if you vary from the plan you get something different from what was intended. However...

Happy Accidents happen!

Unlike the swing set, if you go off script something wonderful (or at the least, not fatal) may happen! Just like in the Deaf Bunnys Band. We call those Happy Accidents!

Cooking is hard work!

Cooking is far from easy and the only reason to put in the time, effort, and money is because you love to share something so fundamentally vital and at the same time so unbelievably grand as gourmet food with those who really appreciate it.

Enjoy and share!

We hope you will enjoy the process of creating your own genius dishes for your friends, family, loved ones, and yourself! We look forward to hearing about your successes!

Pete and Sheri Paz

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